Ararat Tonoyan

Hi, I’m Ararat

Professional blockchain and web developer. I develop Ethereum smart contracts and decentralized web applications from the up ground. Also, do tech researches and security audits. I developed smart contracts that raised more than $50 million.

About Me

Welcome to my website. Here I collected for you all information about my experience, services, and feedback from my clients. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me, I always actively checking all incoming messages. Cheers!

Full name: Ararat Tonoyan


What I like to do

Web applications development

Decentralized solutions for business

Smart contracts development

Quality testing and bug hunting

Blockchain integration with apps

Problem solving and goal achieving

Professional Experience (6 years +)

01.18 - Now
3 years +

Top Rated freelancer

- Cooperate with +50 satisfied clients, help them to achieve their business goals
- Huge amount of developed smart contracts, protocols, UI interfaces and etc.

01.20 - 10.20
9 months

Web & Blockchain lead at Virtually Human

- Deep researches, solve issues of NFT gaming scalability
- Architectural solutions, microservices for blockchains
- Smart contracts, UNIT testing, dapps development

06.18 - 01.20
1.5 year

Blockchain lead

- Study clients' organizational systems and requirements
- Translate business requirements into functional designs
- Architectural solutions and team management

11.16 - 12.17
1 year

Frontend developer

- Develop custom animations and elements
- Conduct the webinars exploring advanced web technologies, which growth professionalism of company employees
- Optimize the online casino/betting website performance

06.16 - 10.16
0.41 year

Frontend developer

- Create professional material-design dashboards for clients
- Develop custom UI solutions related to client business model
- Conduct the off-line seminars for developers aimed to increase performance and motivation

12.14 - 05.16
1.5 year

Frontend developer

- UI interfaces development
- Developing a business logic in web application


09.12 - 06.16
3.75 years

Bachelor of Robot engineering
at National Polytechnic University Of Armenia

- Industrial robots planning
- Designing the machines that assemble the robots
- Designing automated systems that are used to increase the production and precision levels within a specific industry


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Proud to work with

For recruiters

No, I can work remotely only.
– Web (full stack) and blockchain developer
– Smart contracts architectural planning and development
– Deep researching, integration of new technologies
– Also I have some experience with React-Native, PHP, Python

I’ve been working remotely since December 2016 and I believe I proved it works perfectly for both sides (check out my recommendations).

I’ve worked with people from different countries, time zones, and representing different cultures/values – I respect different approaches to communication and solving problems.

If you have no experience with developers working remotely I’m happy to help you in setting up a proper environment for such roles.
Depends on the distance and shall be agreed individually.
09.00 to 18.00 GMT+3, but I’m flexible.

For instance 9.00 am of my time (Moscow) is:
  • 11PM in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Seattle, Vancouver
  • 2AM in Toronto, Rio de Janeiro
  • 7AM am in London, Dublin, Lisbon
  • 8AM in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm
  • 9AM in Helsinki
  • 2PM in Hong Kong
  • 3PM pm in Tokyo
  • 4PM pm in Sydney
I’m experienced in working with US clients (7-10h time difference). I like coding in the morning and have meetings in the evening.
Depends on the role & contract length but I hope you’re not going to say ‘considering you’re based in Russia…’ (sad to admit that but I’ve heard that a few times).

Please rate my skills, not my location (or I will move to Switzerland and work from there =) )

Accepted currencies: USD, EUR, BTC, ETH, USDT
I work as an Individual entrepreneur. B2B but I’m flexible.
Working with creative and smart people, where everyone listens and respects others’ opinions. Ideally, I would prefer the opportunity to build something innovative, big, crazy … work with a team that tuned to break the market and be a new Google or launch a product like Bitcoin was in 2009.

Im addicted to learn something new, in the technology stack, I’m interested in. I prefer start-ups over big corporations. The less bureaucracy the better 🙂
If there’s a bunch of meetings, procedures to follow (basically anything that is slowing down coding), teams are big and people have to work on a few tasks at the same time … I don’t think I would feel comfortable there.
Of course. Always learning new stuff. I like to know how things can be done in different ways.

Get in touch

Email address
[email protected]